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The Ultimate Kitchen Knife
Become A Master Chef With The Ultimate Kitchen Knife
Perfectly balanced for the finest control, Honjo-Müller knives are strong, durable, razor-sharp, and will last a lifetime.
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Sharpness That Lasts
Made with professional-grade German steel for lifetime-lasting sharpness.
Perfect Balance
Fully-forged construction means the blade is one piece of steel through the handle providing optimal balance.
Ergonomic Grip
Handle shape sits comfortably in hands with material that provides superior grip even when wet.
The Only Knife You’ll Ever Reach For
Even World-Class Master Chefs Have That One Go-To Kitchen Knife
Merging sturdy German steel with versatile Japanese performance, this high-quality super-blade is the ultimate kitchen companion.
Whether you’re preparing tough pineapples as a tasty treat or delicately slicing Tri-Tip, Honjo-Müller provides a razor-sharp master cut, every time.
The Sharpest Knife
On Planet Earth
High-Carbon German Steel
Honjo-Müller knives hold their razor-sharp edge for years and resist corrosion far better than other premium knives.
Japanese Design
Honjo-Müller knives are precision cutting tools, designed for the utmost versatility, no matter what food you’re preparing.
Pakkawood Handle
Pakkawood is more durable, moisture resistant, and heat resistant than other woods. No discoloration, no cracking, no water damage, ever!
Sharper Means Safer
When’s the last time the knives in your kitchen drawer were sharpened?
A dull blade is actually MORE dangerous than a sharp one. Dull knives can slip off food easily but still cut you badly!
A razor-sharp Honjo-Müller knife is much easier to control and uses ‘edge geometry’ (instead of brute force) to make a cut that is far more stable and safe.
The Most Versatile Knife Ever Designed
German steel. Japanese performance. World-class quality. Loved by professionals and aspiring Master Chefs worldwide.
Slice It!
Honjo-Müller knives are all-purpose super knives fit for any & every occasion.
Dice It!
Chop up ingredients for salsas and picos with ease.
Chop It!
Fantastic for the finest chopping with precision control.
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